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The Brooks, Kentucky Train Derailment was a rail accident that occurred in Brooks, Bullitt County, Kentucky, about 25 miles south of Louisville. A CSX Transportation train pulling 80 cars and several hazardous materials from Birmingham, Alabama to Louisville, Kentucky derailed causing a fireball to explode over 1,000 feet into the air. The derailment was determined to be the largest in Kentucky's history.

Under contract with ARCADIS G&M Inc., Eastham & Associates provided the following:

  • Completed full Boundary Survey of 28 Parcels, covering an area of Approximately 180 acres
  • Surveyed detailed planimetrics on all properties near tracks, i.e., Fences, Roads, Houses, Driveways, Outbuildings, etc.
  • Located Right-of-Ways of railroad, State Route #1020 and Blue Lick Road.
  • Established 4 semi-permanent control points on site with state plane coordinates in KY South Zone
  • Provided Elevations on all property corners
  • Provided mapped data in State Plane Coordinates
  • Delineated (drew, sketched & described) the utilized area on 40 Parcels