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Marathon Petroleum 16" gas pipeline from the Catlettsburg Refinery in Kentucky to the Tri-State Terminal in Kenova, West Virginia.

Eastham & Associates established GPS control stations and laid out nearly 2 miles of 16” gas pipeline including the layout of over 1400 feet of directional boring under the Big Sandy River. The survey included the As-Built location of the pipe weld joints at the ends of each pipe section and fittings. Each weld was field located just ahead of the backfilling. Specific client supplied field codes were strictly adhered to and utilized to collect pertinent information at each of said welds i.e. the weld number, the number of the welder that conducted the weld and the number of the x-ray inspection of the weld.

Field reports were generated that contained the informational data collected that particular day and delivered to the client daily. Electronic files were also delivered daily that contained all the raw data collected and final processed 3-WILLBROS.gifdimensional coordinate files showing the location of each weld and related information. All welds were field located including buried and aerial piping.

Another Project conducted Safely on Time and on Budget.