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Emergency Housing Sites for the town of Joplin, Missouri

Eastham & Associates under contract with The Huntington District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers were requested to conduct topographic design surveys of 6 sites of approximately 10 acres each. CET set up a work station alongside the USACE design team at the RFO (Recovery Field Office) and by the end of the fifteenth straight day on site, June 27, 2011, the Eastham & Associates team had surveyed, modeled, drafted and delivered the final MicroStation design files (dgn’s) of the field design surveys for seven (7) individual sites totaling 155.2 acres directly to the USACE design team in the RFO.

The same Eastham & Associates Field Crew team that had conducted the Design Surveys and modeling traveled back to Joplin, Missouri on Friday July 8, 2011 under contract with Tab Construction Company, Inc. to work on the “Hope Haven Group Housing Site” (one of the three Airport Sites). From Saturday July 9, 2011 through Monday July 11, 2011 the Field Crew had computed staking plans and completed the initial site stakeout of the CWL (Contractor Work Limits), Circulation Roads, Aggregate Limits, partial Sanitary Sewers, Water Lines, Green Areas and Grade Stakes on the north end. Over 500 stakes were set as the contractors and sub-contractors worked closely behind the crew.