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Fully Automated Hydrographic Surveying

Eastham & Associates has conducted two Fully Automated Hydrographic Surveys for both Ironton Energy Center in Hanging Rock Ohio and Twin Rivers Marina in Gallipolis, Ohio while teaming with E. L. Robinson Engineering. Utilizing fully automated GPS/GNSS RTK & DGPS with an Odem Digital / Paper Echo Sounder the team has surveyed a total of 71 river cross-sections (41 spanning the entire width) of the Ohio River. The projects covered a length of over 4,200 feet along the river and collected more than 5,000 3-D data points. Delivery included Ohio River bottom contours tied to river bank and land contours on the right descending bank of the Ohio River to be utilized in the design and permitting of a proposed power plant inflow and outflow pipes for the Ironton Energy Center and the design and permitting of a proposed dry dock boat facility for the Twin Rivers Marina.

Conventional Hybrographic Surveying

Eastham & Associates has been conducting Hydrographic Bridge/ Culvert and Stream Sections Surveys for the Huntington District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers since 1998, most in conjunction with the Section 202 Flood Study.

Over 400 Hydrographic Bridge/Culvert and Stream Section Surveys were completed on Levisa Fork and Tributaries in Floyd County Kentucky for the Section 202 Flood Study. During these surveys reflectorless electronic distance measuring (EDM) technology was used in conjunction with Trimble 5601 series total stations with the new “Direct Reflex” EDM which allowed survey shots to be taken on bridges without putting personnel in harm’s way or trespassing in the case of railroad bridges. Also tops of high trestle bridges, low steel atop high piers and other previously inaccessibly points were collected in 3-D. The 3-D point data, Digital Photos, drafted Bridge Sketches and all data was inserted into the Corps of Engineers MicroStation Design Files (dgn format) of the project mapping to create a GIS database.

Over 400 Hydrographic Bridge/ Culvert and Stream Section Surveys were completed on Tug Fork Tributaries in McDowell County, West Virginia for Section 202 Flood Study. Eastham & Associates used their cutting edge experience and developed technology to complete these surveys. All data was formatted and inserted into the appropriate fields of an access database. Using this database all section data can be quarried and sorted by different qualifiers, data forms and reports generated.