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Recovery & Re-establishment of 200 Year Old Ohio Canal Boundary

Boundary / Cadastral Survey of the outer fee lines of seven (7) USA owned tracts at Dillon Lake Muskingum County, Ohio for the USACE – Conducted all deed and record research, geometrics, property fit up and field surveys to establish 4.5 miles of fee line and 60 property corners. Points on Line (POLs) were set to define the fee lines. A considerable portion of the boundary was along the lines of the Ohio Canal (now abandoned). Geometry from the original surveys of said Ohio Canal conducted in the early 1800s was utilized to recover eleven (11) original Canal monuments.

Eastham & Associates utilized highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment to conduct a thorough reconnaissance and collected all of the recovered monumentation and improvements necessary to analyze and determine the boundaries within NAD 83 (NSRS) State Plane Coordinates. Conventional traverses were run along the remnants of the Towpath due to large tree growth since the Canal abandonment caused GPS data collection ineffective. Diligent reconnaissance was continued through the entire survey and the majority of the Original Canal Monumentation that was set, was recovered

In addition to the Fee Boundary Survey, a Flowage Easement Monumentation Survey was conducted that Recovered and or 3-Dimensionally Monumented over 5.5 miles of Flowage Easement Line. As a graphic presentation and Reconnaissance Tool for the Dillon Lake Project Personnel, all Monumentation and Fee & Flowage Easement lines were inserted into geo-referenced aerial photography.